Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cara & Tom - Right Place, Right Time

You all know I'm a big believer of being at the right place at the right time...

I was on a hot air balloon earlier this summer with my best friend for her birthday. A crew of us were put in this oversized basket floating above Orlando. We're enjoying the view and I'm taking a gazillion photos.

There was a couple in front of us and the guy leans back and is tapping me. I think, "OK, we're just bumping and it's accidental." He KEEPS doing it. I think "Yeesh."

THEN, I look down and see he is showing me a ring box!!! Oh, good night...he's trying to propose over Orlando. (I'm a dork.)

He handed me their video camera and I helped record the whole thing. Yep, she cried.

As soon as he was done, I started snapping unscripted photos. The video is what they are going to cherish forever. But, I was so fortunate to be there. I caught some moments.

Being at the right place at the right time.

Congratulations Cara & Tom!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mirror, Mirror

Who knew that a simple piece of glass and a lamp could produce such amazing results? Not I.

A fellow photographer got a group of us together to mess around with still life and a room full a lighting set ups. I was truly in a happy place. I'm CRAZY happy about these.

I always love photographing people, but if I took a flashlight to a person like I did these ocean remnants, everyone would look like someone out of a Vincent Price movie. (Hmm...Halloween IS just around the corner. Hmmm.  ;)

As always, thanks for following my photographic adventures.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday - "Goodnight Moon"

EVERYtime I've "planned" to photograph the moon it hasn't worked out. BUT, when I just decide spontaneously to run out give it try, it has serendipitously worked out.

A group of photographers and I planned on a moonrise shoot the other night when the moon was at it's fullest and once again, the odds were not in my favor. A very strong wind coming off the ocean produced crazy camera vibrations, even for those with more sturdy tripods. Then, we got kicked out of our parking lot and let's not forget the thick cloud cover and impending rain.

So last night after dinner I ran out again...and low and behold...a gorgeous night. I even got in some images of the Deerfield Beach Pier and stalked an unknowing couple enjoying the moonrise.

At a certain point you just have to acknowledge the forces at work in the universe and embrace the moment.

Enjoy & have a great weekend!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Giggling Girls and a Bubbles Photo Session

For weeks and weeks I'd been stuck at the computer and hadn't touch my camera. It truly felt like the universe was off kilter. I pushed the chair back from the desk last weekend and remedied this by heading out to a favorite park with 2 giggling sisters and bottles and bottles of bubbles.

Many of you who follow me know one of my favorite parts of a photo session is telling the story...about the session, about the people or about the message.

I knew their Mom would want some lovely portraits and the bubbles would be icing. These sisters were SO funny. I worried a bit with our morning full of the horrid South Florida humidity and NO BREEZE, but the girls giggled and played. The older sister kept cracking me up and giving me these crazy faces. (Outtakes at the bottom of the post.)

I'm lovin' the series of them chasing the bubbles! And I am FREAKIN' LOVIN' the one shot through the bubble. I want to blow that one up and put it on MY wall.

Playing with bubbles is a timeless story and always makes you smile.
Capturing moments and telling the story.


And the out takes...

Happy Friday - Photographing Bubbles

A fantastic off "shoot" of my bubble portrait session last week were these A-MAZ-ING bubble images. This was the first time I had photographed bubbles and I was just giddy about the detail and composition which was tough since the wind picked up.

Photographing bubbles is challenging, but I have a few tips that will help you get the best shots.

1) Use the bigger bubble wands. This makes it easier to grab focus as you're chasing the little suckers around.

2) Ask someone to help out and have them blow the bubbles. (Even if it's your 7 year old.)

3) Know your wind. Wait for a day where the wind isn't going to carry them off too quickly. And position yourself downwind.

4) Pick interesting surroundings for the reflections. The park gave me some stunning landscape type images. (Might be fun to try architecture.)

5) To help pick up those reflections, try shooting against a solid or same color for your background. Mine really POPPED with the canal water behind them. Some of the other great ones were the green mottling of the trees and grass. ( Ooooh...I'd also like to try against a rising or setting sun.)

6) Use a lens/aperture combo that will give you a nice blurry background so your focus is the bubble. A telephoto helped with the zoom. (Mine were shot at f 2.8/50mm.)

7) If you'd like to get shots of them bursting (which I'm going to try!)...use a fast shutter speed (1/400th).

Maybe this weekend - grab your camera, grab your kid and a bottle of bubbles. Have fun!

Enjoy your Friday!

Yeah...that black dot is me!