Friday, February 14, 2014

Celebrating 40 Years of Love

Parties in general are fantastic fun...but this party had SO MUCH great energy!! The Patels were celebrating 40 years of marriage surrounded by loving friends and family. Food, dancing, speeches, Bollywood dancing, more food, dancing, cake, dancing...did I mention the dancing??

This family really rocks the dancing...and the food was a-maz-ing. I've had an Indian food craving following me for 2 weeks now. (I'm heading over to Punjab's in Boca next week without fail!)

Here's a slideshow to take you through the'll want to dance too!
(I love the munchkin at the end...all tuckered out!)            SLIDESHOW


(And I can't say it enough...Robin, you rock! Thanks for being my second shooter and BB!)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winter Light | South Florida Photographer

"Girls, you want to go make some pictures?" A chorus of "Yeah!" sounds throughout the house.

I was hoping for a GLORIOUS colorful sunset. Instead what we got was this odd "flat" light. I call it "Winter Light". It was a bit chilly out. The girls weren't exactly in the jumpin' around mood. (But I did convince them to do one.) The light partnered with this perfectly.

The result...beautiful, reflective, soft images. These are REALLY some of my favorite images of the girls.

The best showed me that you don't always need to have the "perfect" golden light. (Don't get me wrong...I'm not going to stop chasing that light.)


The collage below is one I'm putting up on the wall.