Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday - "Goodnight Moon"

EVERYtime I've "planned" to photograph the moon it hasn't worked out. BUT, when I just decide spontaneously to run out give it try, it has serendipitously worked out.

A group of photographers and I planned on a moonrise shoot the other night when the moon was at it's fullest and once again, the odds were not in my favor. A very strong wind coming off the ocean produced crazy camera vibrations, even for those with more sturdy tripods. Then, we got kicked out of our parking lot and let's not forget the thick cloud cover and impending rain.

So last night after dinner I ran out again...and low and behold...a gorgeous night. I even got in some images of the Deerfield Beach Pier and stalked an unknowing couple enjoying the moonrise.

At a certain point you just have to acknowledge the forces at work in the universe and embrace the moment.

Enjoy & have a great weekend!