Monday, November 25, 2013

Today's Senior Pictures - Sarah's Magical Session

Think back to high school. Do you remember your senior pictures being taken at some dark studio out in West Broward? Go ahead...raise your hand...we were all there.

Do you remember the black cloth drape and the powder blue drape with the feather edging? Some of you might have picked the red feather one. (You know who you are.)

I remember. I even considered posting that blue feather number here to illustrate my point.


I was BLOWN AWAY recently when I received a Facebook message from an old high school friend. She wanted me to take HER daughter's high school senior pictures. (Process that for a minute.)

In today's creative and Pinterest inspired world, senior pictures have jumped out of the studio and taken the shape of editorial magazine spreads. They have become creative opportunities for the seniors to step out and away from those bygone days of cheesy drapes. Today's senior pictures can be whimsical or...something right out of a country music video.

I am SO fortunate to be a part of Sarah's dream of beautiful senior pictures. Truly, I'm the lucky one to have captured this stunning young woman at this very special time in her life.


(and my thanks to Erin Cogdill for the beautiful make-up...and running as my assistant on the shoot.
"mmwwaah!"  )