Friday, August 2, 2013

Giggling Girls and a Bubbles Photo Session

For weeks and weeks I'd been stuck at the computer and hadn't touch my camera. It truly felt like the universe was off kilter. I pushed the chair back from the desk last weekend and remedied this by heading out to a favorite park with 2 giggling sisters and bottles and bottles of bubbles.

Many of you who follow me know one of my favorite parts of a photo session is telling the story...about the session, about the people or about the message.

I knew their Mom would want some lovely portraits and the bubbles would be icing. These sisters were SO funny. I worried a bit with our morning full of the horrid South Florida humidity and NO BREEZE, but the girls giggled and played. The older sister kept cracking me up and giving me these crazy faces. (Outtakes at the bottom of the post.)

I'm lovin' the series of them chasing the bubbles! And I am FREAKIN' LOVIN' the one shot through the bubble. I want to blow that one up and put it on MY wall.

Playing with bubbles is a timeless story and always makes you smile.
Capturing moments and telling the story.


And the out takes...