Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"I'm With The Band" - Lake Worth Battle of the Bands

I was one of 8 photographers lined up in a room. We were each randomly assigned to one of these 8 contestants for Lake Worth's Battle of the Bands.

I heard several photographers say, "I'm hoping of one of the groups of 3....I don't want that group of 5...too hard to get them all."

I was VERY lucky. I got the band of 5!

This group of men were not only incredibly talented, but so much fun to work with! Tom, Dan, Calvin, Evan & Mike...the members of New n' Used. This amazing South Florida band plays country with a bit of a rock edge.

Before performing at the Lake Worth Theater, we wandered around downtown and found nooks and walls to shoot against. We also lucked out with a great record store. (Yes, I said RECORD.) The owner was incredibly gracious and allowed us to grab a few shots inside.

My thanks to LULA - Lake Worth Arts and the guys for a great opportunity to photograph the band and listen to local music all weekend.