About Me

Hi there, I'm Mary and I love to make pictures!

Yep, I said make.

I love to make images that tell a story, spark an emotion or simply make you smile.

I’m creative…love collaborating…
let’s talk about inspiration and ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes.

A few things that make me happy
  • Putting all my picture-ness up on Instagram...You should follow me! It's a happy place.
  • My Girls...all 5 of them
  • His support...I could not do this without it
  • Starbucks (despite the commercialism...it's a great moment of getting exactly what you asked for... Grande White Chocolate Mocha, soy, decaf)
  • Dr. Pepper (original, not any of that Cherry or Vanilla stuff...ick)
  • Date Nights...a promise he made from the very beginning
  • Old Cameras
  • Paying It Forward
  • Color - LOTS of color
  • Road Trips
  • Pinterest (for my creative and cluttered mind) Go look at my Boards!
  • My ipod playlists (Work Playlist, Cleaning Playlist, Walking Playlist, Make Me Happy Playlist…)

Where I've been featured!

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Contact Info
Email Me!    mmphotodesign@yahoo.com