Monday, April 14, 2014

Lensbaby Love | Learning Something New

It's good to stretch yourself and learn something new. This vast world of photography never disappoints with new avenues to pursue.

If you aren't a photographer or haven't heard of Lensbaby, I'd recommend wandering over to their site for a quick overview. Lensbaby lens allow creative, manual manipulation of your depth of field and blur by tilting/angling the lens. They have a whole series of creative lens with different affects depending on your own tastes. It takes some practice...and patience, but worth it.

I have admired Lensbaby work for sometime now and kept an interested eye on how this lens that seemed to be so popular for flowers and details, then became a go-to portrait lens.

Here's a bit from my first go at using the lens. Manual lens manipulation, holding an umbrella, in the rain no less! I love them!

My thanks to Deb Schwedhelm and her fantastic photog class "Breaking The Mold" over at The Bloom Forum. As a photographer, if you get the chance, take this amazing eye opening, soul reaching class. It really was what I needed to help push to the next level in my craft.