Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Photos & Inspiration | South Florida Photographer

Wasn't Christmas just a few weeks ago?!

All the sudden I'm having to think about dyeing eggs, baskets and chocolate bunnies! I just couldn't face here's a different take on Easter pictures.

(Inspiration moment:)
I'd been having a creativity lull and I've mentioned this's hard to find "wide open spaces" in South Florida. The girls have been great about driving around neighborhoods with me discovering hidden corners and spaces with amazing light.

About a week ago, the girls and I were on one of our "Drive Abouts". Random lots...houses...itty bitty parks and then...."aaahhh!" (insert angel music here). This awesome opening of land.

Allie said, "Mom, look at the light." (Like I said, we look around a lot for that "light".) Immediately the creativity pistons were firing.

These images are exactly what I saw in that "aaahhh" moment...fields, flowers, sunshine and springtime fun!


Love her profile!

Their "quiet moments".

Friday, March 15, 2013

Capturing The Moment - Grace and Harry

A child's love of reading, wonder and magic.

I was sitting inside answering emails on my phone and looked up to see her reading outside on the back deck. Our South Florida weather was hovering around 65 degrees. So naturally, she was bundled up with her Hufflepuff scarf. (go ahead....laugh) I grabbed my camera and went out there and captured that moment.

She just briefly looked up at me and kept reading. (They've gotten used to it.)

About nine months ago she decided to pick up Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone (she's in 4th Grade). To say that Grace "likes" Harry Potter would be like saying I "like" photography. She truly has become obsessed with all things HP this past year. There is even a Harry Potter "shrine."

She's on the 5th book and we are DEFINITELY not allowed to watch the movie till she has finished that particular book. And honestly...I just LOVE that she feels this way about reading and the characters. Her older sister was (and still is) the same way.

What is your child's favorite toy, book, stuffed animal or collection? Grab your camera/camera phone...what ever you have...and document it. (Or call me and we'll set something up!  ;) But, don't let that moment pass. When Grace saw the photos, she asked me to put them in a frame.

It meant as much to her as it did to me.

Backstory on the Hufflepuff Scarf: (Only because one of my Harry Potter nerd friends pointed it out and asked "Why?") The scarf was a $2 find at one of our local thrift stores. Sorry, but I have a REALLY hard time justifying $35 for a scarf with Universal Studios branding. Grandma Sharon is going to crotchet Griffindor maroon and gold scarfs for the girls...made with love, not bought for over $100.

Can you spot the "Chocolate Frog" box?