Thursday, January 8, 2015

Birth Story, Boca Raton | Mary McGuire Photography

I've got myself a gaggle of I've been through labor. ;) And many of us have we were there when they came into this world...either delivering or holding the screaming woman's hand. But, when you're INVITED to be at a be a part of SOMEONE ELSE's truly is such an amazing honor.

Jeanne and Jeremy welcomed me in to this awe-inspiring moment in their lives and asked that I document the birth of their daughter.

Even now...typing...I still struggling for the words to describe how special this was. So I'll do what I do best...let the pictures tell you.

(And for those photographers who worry about the lack of light in a hospital...I tell ya... embrace it! My favorite images were the ones in the dark...with just the monitor lights. Go'll see.)


If your mobile device isn't showing the video...try this LINK!