Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vintage Holiday Photo Session | Ft. Lauderdale Photographer

It's funny to think, that as a native Floridian, there really is SO MUCH that I still haven't seen in my own backyard. I had seen these old buildings hugging the waterfront in downtown Fort Lauderdale, but didn't realize the history that was behind each of the building. On my "scouting" trip, I was given a great history lesson by the grounds keeper.

I LOVE when a client has an inspiration and likes to collaborate on the session!!! Their mom had recently been on a school field trip to the old Ft. Lauderdale History Center. She was inspired!! She had been wanting their holiday cards to have a vintage look. She found these fabulous dresses at Target and the accessories at Charming Charlie. (I had never been there...I am now a convert.)

The historic 1905 New River Inn was the perfect backdrop for these adorable little girls...complete with vintage travel luggage! We got rained/cold-weathered out on our first attempt. Second time was great!! The girls were great...all three are just as sweet as the next. (They were even better models than my own girls!!  ;)

I tend to lean to the brighter color photo sessions, but I am IN LOVE with these!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pre Bat Mitzvah Converse Sneaker Photo Session | Boca Raton

What a great theme for a Bat Mitzvah Party - "Party Like An All-Star!"

These "Pre" Bat Mitzvah photos were to be used for display at the party and the slideshow. This young lady was soft spoken and SO sweet... and what a joy to be around!

We got that great "urban" feel as we wandered around a warehouse area. She was great climbing here and there. I love the ones of her pink converse in the bucket lift.

My thanks to the Fineman family for the honor of photographing their daughter for such a special occasion. (And a BIG thank you to her brother for hanging around and the great smiles that made his mom smile too! ;)

I did mention that her party was CONVERSE themed?! (You all know how much I love Converse ...cough...cough...Wonder Woman post here.)


Monday, November 19, 2012

"Today was a Fairytale" Senior Session | Boca Raton, FL

A different take on your Senior Year photos.

This little lot in the middle of Boca...who knew. Savannah looked like she had dropped into the middle of a Fairytale forest. AND THE LIGHT...that beautiful light. (And of course...the famous pink chair!!)

I really am in awe...Savannah beautiful grace and poise...I just can't say enough about this extraordinary young woman. Stunning and smart. These senior pictures were the perfect send off for someone graduating early and heading off to college.


Monday, November 12, 2012

A Home for the Chair

Remember the FABULOUS find...the pink chair???  Check out the lovely home I found for it on Friday. I found this lovely lot right in the middle of downtown Boca Raton. From almost every angle the field looks like there is nothing around for miles. That's very rare in our jammed packed neighborhoods down here. Ordinarily you'd have to go to a county/city park or up to North Palm Beach county hoping to find that kind of location.

We put the chair out in this little area of tall grass and tree cover. I went out to walk around and came back to find this amazing angle with the sun setting behind all of it. Just beautiful!!!

So giddy over here!!!    ;)

Pictures from the shoot will be posted soon!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Goldilocks' Chair - Photography Prop

I've had this vision of a chair in my head for several months. A prop to use for sessions.

I wanted something soft, but not TOO soft. Clean lines, but not TOO clean. Feminine, but not TOO feminine. Detailed, but not TOO detailed. Light enough to move myself if I had to, but not TOO light. It couldn't look flimsy.

I've been looking...consignment stores and even online. Too much or just didn't look right.

Finally...Goldilocks found the right chair. I pulled into a Salvation Army near downtown and saw the back of it through the window. "Aaaaahhhh." (You know that swelling music/voca; that plays in a movie when something has been realized? Yeah, that was the music in my head when I saw this.)

Did you know you haggle in a Salvation Army? I did...and got another 25% off. I can't wait to use it.


Monday, November 5, 2012

"Urban" Senior Session - Savannah, Day 1

Savannah was such a great collaborative spirit during these photo sessions. We were looking at so many options that we ended up doing it over 2 different days in 2 different locations. One very "urban and grunge"...the other more "romantic and soft".

The images below are from the first session...urban and industrial. We had so much fun with accessories and layering...hats, scarfs and some of her own fun and funky jewelry.

All of these were done within a 5 block area in Deerfield Beach, but we got a fabulous variety of looks. Each theme capturing a different mood and part of her personality!

I'm lovin' the deer on the side of the building and the fantastic shadows against the concrete magic!!!


(Stay tuned for Day 2...coming soon!!!)