Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Photos - My Girls

"The photographer's kids are always the last ones to be photographed."

I love that my girls are so supportive and excited about my photography! Not to mention game for anything that involves buying new outfits!!! We had a BLAST! Going over the top a bit with accessories and sequins. "We want to do a fashion shoot!"

SO...the deal was they could keep ONE thing. (And yeah...Katie's keeping the earmuffs. ;)

I knew I wanted to do something DIFFERENT with colors for a holiday photo this year. Little did I know that a trip to Target would find us buying out all the HOT pink, purple and silver in the Girls Dept. I know the cashier must have thought I was crazy.

Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Capturing The Moment - "Take My Picture"

"Mom, can you take my picture?"
"Sure. Why?"
"Because your pictures are beautiful."
" 'cause everyone is beautiful."

She was sitting next to me watching me edit pictures from a holiday mini session. This is what she said. How can you not take that picture? How can you let that moment pass?

No way was I going to let that go.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Holiday Photo Session (No Red, No Green!)

Can you even tell we're in Florida? (They're wearing sweaters for goodness sakes.)
My sister-in-law was looking for family photos to send out for the holiday that didn't have that "holiday" feel. No red. No green. No tinsel.
So we started brainstorming and of course we went to our favorite source of inspiration...Pinterest!
I love sending clients over to my Pinterest board (see my previous post about my Pinterest Love) From there the "what to wear" came together...the wagon...and a must inspiration shot - the kids looking back at Mom & Dad.
She pulled together a fantastic "what to wear" for the family. Browns and gray...pops of orange. The boys were awesome...I couldn't have asked for a better afternoon and family! (of course, I'm's my brother's family.  ;)
Enjoy! (and favorite is the one of Michael looking back at Mom & Dad kissing)