Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hello Summer, My Old Friend | South Florida Photographer

Like most kids I spent the school year anxious to be out of school, wanting to run head first as fast as my legs could take me into the warm & wonderful freedom of summer.

I grew up in a South Florida that was transitioning to home air conditioning. I spent most of my younger summers playing in the backyard and our carport, or roaming the few short blocks from our house because it was just as hot in the house. As I got older, my bicycle transported me a world away to friends homes, the beach and parks. ( actuality, only a few miles in total.)

At the end of every school year, I get that same pull and yearning to fly out of the house and head to the beach or embark on a roadtrip. I continue to be thankful that my younger girls are just as anxious to get out and experience, hot or not, the sweetness of summer.

Giggling with a towel over their shoulders, flip-flops on their feet...walking out to the summer sun.

(and yes, these adorable feet are now my Facebook profile pic and my computer screen saver!)


Monday, June 2, 2014

Capturing Childhood (While I still can)

"Who wants to go by the park?" I ask while driving back from an afternoon of errands.
A trio of resounding "Me!" booms through the car.

I'm SO thankful at 8 & 11 years old they still want, and love, to go to the park. Their heads aren't buried in electronic devices. A cell phone isn't plastered to their ears. They are aren't begging to go the mall.
Not yet....not yet.

I know that time is coming. It's right around the corner. I see it every day...little glimpses of what's to come. the meantime, I'll take every moment I can to capture them still enjoying childhood. Throwing their legs forward, their heads back laughing and pushing the swing even higher up into the sky.


(Special thanks to Let The Kids Dress Themselves for featuring this first photo on their Facebook page for their May theme [Simple].)

UPDATE 6/13/2014: Another HUGE "Thank You" to Wendy Laurel and Let the Kids Dress Themselves for featuring my image on their WEBSITE!!! Huge honor to be featured with so many talented photographers.