Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Friday - Photographing Bubbles

A fantastic off "shoot" of my bubble portrait session last week were these A-MAZ-ING bubble images. This was the first time I had photographed bubbles and I was just giddy about the detail and composition which was tough since the wind picked up.

Photographing bubbles is challenging, but I have a few tips that will help you get the best shots.

1) Use the bigger bubble wands. This makes it easier to grab focus as you're chasing the little suckers around.

2) Ask someone to help out and have them blow the bubbles. (Even if it's your 7 year old.)

3) Know your wind. Wait for a day where the wind isn't going to carry them off too quickly. And position yourself downwind.

4) Pick interesting surroundings for the reflections. The park gave me some stunning landscape type images. (Might be fun to try architecture.)

5) To help pick up those reflections, try shooting against a solid or same color for your background. Mine really POPPED with the canal water behind them. Some of the other great ones were the green mottling of the trees and grass. ( Ooooh...I'd also like to try against a rising or setting sun.)

6) Use a lens/aperture combo that will give you a nice blurry background so your focus is the bubble. A telephoto helped with the zoom. (Mine were shot at f 2.8/50mm.)

7) If you'd like to get shots of them bursting (which I'm going to try!)...use a fast shutter speed (1/400th).

Maybe this weekend - grab your camera, grab your kid and a bottle of bubbles. Have fun!

Enjoy your Friday!

Yeah...that black dot is me!