Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Vintage at the Train Station | South Florida Photographer

It's not often that you measure your success on someone crying.

Our family has always said "If you can get Mom to cry with a gift, then it's a winner." As a result, my family is always trying to get someone to cry. It means you did good and it made someone happy.

My favorite part of what I do is putting the story together. Sure, you want the photos for the cards, canvases and for sharing. But, putting the story together...seeing the story, is what you remember. I approach each session with a bit of story telling. I've been told, "I love the order you put the pictures in. I can't wait to put them in an album." or "I just keep watching the slideshow you put together over and over again. I tear up every time."

Some of you have seen a few of the slideshows I've put together. These are typically because I love you all so much and I want to make you cry.  ;) They've been a bonus and haven't been an integral part of what I offer with a session. Just for grins, giggles and happy tears. year both produced video slideshows & albums are going to be offered as options. So grab a hankie for 2014!!!

Now on to this beautiful session.
I've said it before. Let me say again...things happen for a reason.

This holiday session changed concepts, changed locations, changed clothing AND changed days. I kept telling Mom, "No problem. Don't worry." Remember...for a reason. The weather finally cooperated. Mom coordinated a fantastic "what to wear". Little Man NEVER took the hat off. It all paid off...I'm in love with this session!

Sometimes you hear the typical phrasing "lovely family, so much fun...blah...blah...blah." Seriously, these guys crack me up. Mom and Dad are so much in love...and they LAUGH and giggle. The kids...sweetness. Pure sweetness. I wanted to throw them in my camera bag and take them home. (And I already have a mess of kids!  ;)

Enjoy the images and the slideshow! And yes...I made Mom cry. (patting myself on the back)