Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Childhood Happening - Telling the Story (without the faces)

You can do a lot with an average cardboard box. But, WONDROUS moments can come from a GIGANTIC cardboard box.

This is the message I get from my brother..."I brought home a couple of dishwasher boxes." Even at 40-something, I know what this means!

Although they are pushing their way to pre-teen status, when my younger girls get with their youngest cousin...they fall right into precious imaginative play. These cardboard boxes were glorious...despite the 95 degree heat in the garage. Still magical.

Oblivious to me, I just spent my time hovering in and out and around their afternoon while they played with this cardboard "fort" and eventually made their way out to the sidewalk where chalk filled out their canvas. I sat on the ground with my camera and just watched the moments unfold.

Spying some favorite stuffed friends lying among the chalk, I went for my favorite vantage point (nice and low) to start capturing the afternoon's moments.

Best part...hardly a face to be seen. But not necessary to tell the story.