Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pre Bat Mitzvah Converse Sneaker Photo Session | Boca Raton

What a great theme for a Bat Mitzvah Party - "Party Like An All-Star!"

These "Pre" Bat Mitzvah photos were to be used for display at the party and the slideshow. This young lady was soft spoken and SO sweet... and what a joy to be around!

We got that great "urban" feel as we wandered around a warehouse area. She was great climbing here and there. I love the ones of her pink converse in the bucket lift.

My thanks to the Fineman family for the honor of photographing their daughter for such a special occasion. (And a BIG thank you to her brother for hanging around and the great smiles that made his mom smile too! ;)

I did mention that her party was CONVERSE themed?! (You all know how much I love Converse ...cough...cough...Wonder Woman post here.)