Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Goldilocks' Chair - Photography Prop

I've had this vision of a chair in my head for several months. A prop to use for sessions.

I wanted something soft, but not TOO soft. Clean lines, but not TOO clean. Feminine, but not TOO feminine. Detailed, but not TOO detailed. Light enough to move myself if I had to, but not TOO light. It couldn't look flimsy.

I've been looking...consignment stores and even online. Too much or just didn't look right.

Finally...Goldilocks found the right chair. I pulled into a Salvation Army near downtown and saw the back of it through the window. "Aaaaahhhh." (You know that swelling music/voca; that plays in a movie when something has been realized? Yeah, that was the music in my head when I saw this.)

Did you know you haggle in a Salvation Army? I did...and got another 25% off. I can't wait to use it.