Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday - Pairing Photos

Above and Below.
Blue and White.
Nature and Man Made.

I'm a big fan of diptychs!! About 2 years ago I started putting photos together in pairs. I love how images play off each other. Shape, color, content, light...the pairings are as endless as there are pictures.

These 2 beauties are from my trip to Seattle last month. The massive glass sculpture is from no other the glass master himself, Chihuly. If you haven't seen his work up close, you MUST make a point of doing so. Massive, delicate, colorful, playful and simply...amazing. There is a permanent exhibit right below the Space Needle. Inside galleries as well as an outdoor garden display.

The aerial landscape was taken about 40,000 feet somewhere above Oklahoma or Kansas. I didn't have to roll down the was actually that clean!  (wink!) I don't ever recall seeing such a clear, crisp view of the land and sky from such an altitude. The black of outer space feeling SO close and the beautiful geometric patterning of the Midwest landscape with fresh snow.

My favorite part of this pairing is the similarity of the Chihuly twisted glass and the snaking tendrils of the river on the ground below.

What's your favorite part of the pairing?