Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to Photograph an Active Toddler

I'll be honest with you...photographing younger children is challenging, especially toddlers. Even for me, and I've raised 5 girls! The most talented photographers will tell you that it's all about patience, practice and prayer.

A good deal of it is also stating the obvious...THEY'RE TODDLERS. It's the age of burgeoning autonomy, energy and exploration.

I approach a family session with getting everyone together for that group shot first. This is your best chance of the group shot that Mom wants the most. After the first 15 minutes the Toddler's hesitation and reserve starts to wane, and as a photographer (and the parent) you need to embrace this natural characteristic of this age group. You start to lose them and that's when you just play and enjoy...or let them play with sticks. (See that session over here!)

Some of the most natural moments are when a child is at play. I just loved the idea of capturing ALL of those moments into one photograph. This is a fantastic way to show the fun, curiosity and energy of a child. I'm want to tackle this in a park or pool setting next.

I sent his Mom a "Sneak Peek" and it actually caused 2 distinct emotions - joy AND anxiety. Could you imagine 8-10 little guys running around your house??