Friday, April 26, 2013

Recharging the Creative Juices at creativeLIVE

How often do you take a break to recharge? I know I don't do it enough. I try...I really do. But sometimes the planets don't align.

Recharging is essential...and not just for creative type people like myself. EVERYone needs it. For me recharging is all about clearing the clutter from my overly multi-tasked brain. Clearing it out for a few days helps me refocus and balance out. It helps make me a better wife, mom, friend, photographer and overall nice person to be around.

I know that it's easier said than done for many of us. I had to get on a freakin' plane to do it this time. But, I have done it by spending 2 days away with my sister-in-law at a scrapbooking event. And I've also done it with a day or afternoon to myself. I grab my camera and spend some quiet time. I've even hidden out at the library across the street from my house. (I promise I won't say anything if I see you there one morning.)

Make the time.
It fills up your metaphorical "well" and allows you keep dipping into that well to give back to everyone you support.

Going to creativeLIVE was like a dream...running on adrenaline for over a week and the surge of inspiration has definitely filled up my well. SO much to think about. Hearing how others have succeeded...and failed...and then learned from doing both, is invaluable.

Much of what I learned this past week will be apparent soon. Ideas, projects, business practices, and overall inspiration. Great stuff!!

Here's some of my Instagrams from my trip. (Always snappin'.  ;)