Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Family on the Beach - A Random Gift

It was about doing the right thing...

While we were on Spring Break up the coast, I was setting up this shot with a shell and the sun streaking across the sand. A family of 3 walked through as I was firing off my test shots. When I realized what I got, I ran after them. (OK...I walked fast.)

It didn't matter that the sun was sinking and I was losing light. They were on vacation from Georgia. Their son had been trying to skimboard on the flat surf, despite the uncommon 40 degree Florida weather. I showed them what I caught and offered to email it. They loved it!

It wasn't the sharpest photo...the shell wasn't as sharp or exposed as I was trying to get. BUT, I know I'd want a moment like that to hang on my wall.