Sunday, August 17, 2014

Painting Canvas Photo Session...Capturing Moments

A field...a canvas...jars of paint...a family. 

I call it a Love Canvas.

I've had this idea for a while, but getting the planets to align with everyone's schedule has been challenging. Of all the months in the year for the planets to align...August. (insert sigh...ugh...sigh here.)
But, it is what is is and I got the girls together early one morning to laugh, paint, create and capture.

The idea in my head was one thing...the reality...more than I expected. The girls had a blast! I got quite the workout running hither and yon dodging the paint with my camera. The little girls even got to splatter paint white sneakers to keep.

The images near the end of the little girls laying on the white sheet are some of my favorites! These were done a bit later in our backyard. It was getting crazy hot and the big girls had to run off...Busy girls! Getting "real" giggling makes for some awesome moments. An added bonus...I got my fence painted!!
(Don't tell anyone...but I just might love the fence more. J )

Love now hangs in our dining room.
(Let me know if you want one for YOUR dining room!)


And I almost know I HAD to do a VIDEO!! J

BONUS...I got my fence painted too!