Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Holiday Photo Session (No Red, No Green!)

Can you even tell we're in Florida? (They're wearing sweaters for goodness sakes.)
My sister-in-law was looking for family photos to send out for the holiday that didn't have that "holiday" feel. No red. No green. No tinsel.
So we started brainstorming and of course we went to our favorite source of inspiration...Pinterest!
I love sending clients over to my Pinterest board (see my previous post about my Pinterest Love) From there the "what to wear" came together...the wagon...and a must inspiration shot - the kids looking back at Mom & Dad.
She pulled together a fantastic "what to wear" for the family. Browns and gray...pops of orange. The boys were awesome...I couldn't have asked for a better afternoon and family! (of course, I'm bias...it's my brother's family.  ;)
Enjoy! (and yeah...my favorite is the one of Michael looking back at Mom & Dad kissing)