Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Results...from Sandy Puc's Workshop

As promised from my Early Christmas (a.k.a. Sandy Puc Workshop) here are a few from the Sandy Puc Hands On Workshop. 

The beautiful young redhead was a last minute model. She was a friend of a daughter of another workshop participant. Little did she know she was going to get some incredible shots for a portfolio someday!! All the photographers couldn't get enough. And she really was such a pro and never once said, "are you done?".

The pool shots...I really loved how these images turned out. It was amazing to see what you can do with $20 worth of outdoor flashlights and a model who was willing to get into the water!!

Warm Lighting.

 Jordan Chan...what a goofball. Talented, but a goofball.

Cool Lighting.

Magic in the hotel pool with Walmart lights.