Sunday, October 13, 2013

Photographing the Ordinary Ordinary? Ordinary for me.

A rather ordinary afternoon hanging out by the pool. (Well, OK...I was actually hanging out much further away on the deck and enjoying the lack of humidity recently.) The kids were in the pool yellin' and splashin'. Ordinary.

I've enjoyed capturing moments of my girls and focusing on finding my own vision of those ordinary moments. Whether it's been my "bookworm" reading under a tree, my whimsical child jumping in the setting sun, my impish one asking me to take her picture "just because" or my younger three walking across a wide open beach.

Someone asked me recently, "Can you just come over and hang out at my house for the day with your camera?" At first I chuckled. Then later I realized, "Hmmm...portraits are portraits." Put some of those ordinary moments on a wall. They show how life really is.

Enjoy these ordinary moments.
And if you'd like me to hang out at your house for the day, let me know.  J


I LOVE this one...and check out my reflection in her eye!!

This one REALLY surprised me...the water moving completely changed her face. It looks like 3 different kids.