Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Road Trips - Sunsets & Blurry Photos

Road South Floridians we have had our fair share of road trips to get somewhere. It takes at least 3 hours to get to Orlando and nearly 5 just to get out of the state (on the east coast that is).
We've all snapped photos zippin' down the road. I've been pushing myself to try new areas in photography recently...this was one of those "let's see how they turn out" moments. And can I say...I'm so stinkin' happy with the results. All from inside the car at around 65 MPH.

Before you ask...I was NOT driving while taking these. ;)
I'm loving the abstract ones...the trees are just the coolest!! Someone tell Ikea or Crate & Barrel they should be selling them.  ;)