Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting It Out There

First steps are the biggest. So, I thought it appropriate to put one of my biggest motivators up little girls. All my girls are inspiring, but my little girls continue to show me some of the best moments in life that need to be documented.

I've been doing portraits and documenting life around me for years. But, with a big push recently, (look for a future post on that experience) I've decided to take it to another level. This blog is the beginning of that.

I love this picture of the girls with the Tabebuia tree in the background. It has the most amazing yellow color when it's blooming. The perfect backdrop for blonde girls!

Gracie can be kinda reserved with hugs. I LOVE this shot because she so naturally grabbed her sisters and embraced them in a wonderful hug. (insert warm fuzzy feeling here)